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Chances are if you know what no-see-Ums are, most likely you do not want them in your home


When soils become moist and temperatures rise, these small mosquito relatives fly out of the wetlands, looking for a little sip of blood.  They can’t be seen, but they can be felt, with sharp biting pain whenever people are outside, especially at dawn and dusk.  Commonly referred to as no-see-ums.

The scientific name for the no-see-ums (a/k/a no-see-ums) is Ceratopogonidae, although  it has accumulated more common names, including sand flea, sand fly, biting midge and punky.

'Little Bastards From Hell ' is a popular nickname.

Biting midges can be a nuisance to anyone who spends time outdoors during early morning and evenings.   Even during the daytime on still, cloudy days they will readily inflict irritating, painful, bites.  For some, their feeding can cause long-lasting painful lesions on exposed skin.

Bite prevention is the preferred way of dealing with these pests. Your home can be protected with a special screening which is available to exclude these fliesMost biting midges can fly through a standard 18 x 16 or 16 x 16 mesh insect screen in V formation, Only so a much smaller opening  size (higher mesh count) is required to prevent entry.

Our No See Ums screen specifications are top quality, precision woven Marine Grade T-316 Stainless Steel, not cheap Fiberglass, Plastic, Polyester or other synthetic material that requires frequent replacement.  Stainless Steel no-see-um screening will last a lifetime in most applications when properly maintained. Due to the superior strength of stainless steel, smaller wire diameters allow superior open area (visibility) to synthetic materials.
The table below lists the most popular screens utilized to prevent entry of small flying insects such as aphids, gnats, no-see-ums or biting midges.  Select an opening slightly smaller than the pest you wish to exclude.
To access more detailed information on any of the specifications listed below click on the adjacent PDS link to the printable Product Data Sheet.
Small Opening No See Ums Stainless Steel Insect Screen
Data  Sheet

Wires Per Linear Inch

Screen Opening

Wire Diameter

Open Area

T-304 T-316





PDS PDS 20 x 20 Mesh






PDS PDS 22 x 22 Mesh 0.038"





PDS PDS 24 x 24 Mesh






PDS PDS 30 x 30 Mesh 0.027" 0.686 0.0065" 0.165 64.8%
PDS PDS 42 x 42 Mesh 0.018" 0.457 0.0055" 0.140 59.1%
Be sure to consider the "Open Area" as standard insect screen has a typical open area of 66 to 71%. As the open area is reduced a proportionate reduction of visibility and air flow through the screen will result.
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