Bolting Grade Screen Cloth is a Woven Wire Cloth Specification, used as Screen Mesh, Filter Cloth, Sieve Screens and Sizing Material

30 MESH, 0.0065" T-304 STAINLESS STEEL

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Tensile Bolting Cloth is generally utilized in sifting and screen printing applications.  Woven with smaller wire diameters in relation to the mesh count (number of wires per lineal inch), this specification provides higher percentages of open area than standard mill or market grade specification groups.

Weave Type:   Plain Weave
Weaving Standard:   ANSI / AWCI-01,  1992
Mesh Count:

  30 x 30

Wire Diameter:   0.0065" (0,165mm)
Aperture:   0.0268"  (0,681mm)
Open Area:   64.8%
Weight:   0.085 Lbs/SF
Material:   T-304 Stainless Steel
Material Standard:   ANSI / ASTM A555-79


1024 x 768 pixel screen display required for actual size.


30 Mesh, 0.0065" Tensile Bolting Cloth, Magnified View

The coin (outside diameter 0.750") is shown to illustrate scale.

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