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Hundreds of standard combinations based on of mesh counts, each with a selection of wire diameters and weaving patterns are possible.  For more information on weave styles, wire cloth terminology and standards, visit the Wire Cloth Reference Section
For assistance in selecting a standard specification please visit the MESH LOCATOR, where stock specifications are listed in descending order by opening size.
The most common popular specifications of woven wire cloth and wire mesh are shown in the various product description sections listed alphabetically below.
Standard Industrial Specifications

 Aluminum Wire Mesh


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Aluminum wire cloth resists most atmospheric influences.  It is lightweight and a good electrical conductor.

Brass Wire Mesh Learn More In Stock

Brass offers good resistance to corrosion like copper although its electrical and thermal conductivity are lower.  The tensile properties of brass screen is higher than those of copper with some sacrifice in formability.

Brass Strainer Cloth
  Brass strainer cloth is utilized in filters and line strainers for the removal of foreign solids from a stream of liquid or gaseous fluid.
Copper Wire Mesh Learn More



Copper Screens are extremely popular utilized in a diverse range of Architectural, Industrial and Commercial applications.

Bolting Cloth  



Stainless steel bolting cloth is a light wire cloth woven of highly durable wire. The wire is drawn with a very smooth surface to speed up the bolting action which increases screening machine capacity.

Filter Cloth - Micronic Filtration  



Woven wire cloth has been used for filtration for over 100 years, and is the material of choice for problem-free processing, providing excellent durability and is easily cleanable.

Fine Mesh Wire Cloth  



Wire mesh having a mesh count greater than 90 x 90 is referred to as Fine Mesh. This group of wire cloth specifications is typically available in Stainless Steel.  Monel or Nickel may be woven to order.

 Galvanized Wire Cloth  



Wire cloth woven of durable galvanized carbon steel, resulting in a product that resists rust and corrosion due to normal atmospheric moisture.


This group of industrial wire mesh specifications is woven utilizing larger wire diameters than standard Market Grade specifications providing maximum strength required for higher load capacities, greater impact strength and longer wear life. This specification group was adapted from IWWA standards.

Market Grade - Stainless Steel Wire Cloth



This group of wire mesh specifications is woven utilizing moderate wire diameters resulting in a high strength square mesh cloth, suitable for general purpose screening.

Mill Grade - Stainless Steel WireCloth



.Mill Grade is wire cloth woven of lighter wire diameters than Market Grade, providing a greater percentage of screen cloth open area.

Meshes by Number

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If your feeling a bit Meshy, there is no time to Mesh around. This new section is for all those Mesh Lookers that prefer to indulge in masses of meshes, visit this section to satisfy your meshual curiosity.

Industrial Hardware Cloth



Hardware Cloth is produced using the lightest wire diameter which a given mesh can be produced with good stability. After weaving (or welding), Hardware Wire Cloth is galvanized with a bright protective coating of zinc.

Space Cloth  

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Space cloth is wire cloth designated by the aperture (open space) width, expressed in inches or fractions thereof.  Wire space cloth specifications are commonly utilized in aggregate screening.

Special Products and Processing Requirements  

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STG is always interested in the development and marketing of Specialized  Products including those we develop and market under the STG brand and those we were contracted to design and develop on behalf of others as proprietary (privately owned) products. We are also fully capable of assisting in the engineering, design and development of specialized processing requirements including the design and construction of ancillary equipment when needed. Many of our own new product developments are introduced this section.

Commercial, Municipal & Residential Product Specifications
Insect and Ventilation Screens Learn



Insect screens best suited for perimeter Window and Door applications. Insect screen specifications are available in a wide selection of materials and aperture openings.  When selecting, be sure to consider the size of the insects you whish to exclude as well as the ease of installation, potential of abuse or accidental damage, environmental considerations, desired life expectancy and aesthetics.

Aggregate, Sand & Gravel Screens



Aggregate "Shaker" Screens are typically utilized on Vibrating Screen Decks that usually operate on an incline and often consist of two, three or four separate levels with each level providing a output feed shoot and capable of processing different screen specifications. The material passing through the top screen falls to the level below for further sizing (separating) which allows one vibrator to process a multiple of gravel specifications simultaneously.

Security and Detention Screens



Stainless Steel Security screening is utilized in applications requiring high tensile strength to ensure resistance to cutting by small tools, impact resistance, and good open area for light transmission and ventilation. Stainless Steel Security screening provides resistance to cutting by small hand tools.

Termite Barrier Screens  

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Stainless steel woven wire Termite Barrier mesh is a safe long term solution for the prevention of subterranean Insect entry. The T-316 Stainless Steel screen provides a physical barrier insects can not fit through, without the use of any dangerous chemicals or toxic substances.

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